5 Tell Tale Signs That You Need New Gutters for Your Home

Gutters that are in good working order help keep a home structurally sound. Homeowners may not even realize the amount of damage and costly repairs that can all result from gutters that are no longer serving their purpose. At FloGutters LLC, we can repair or replace the gutters on your home to make sure that your home’s roof and foundation remain protected from water. Here are five signs that you need to have your gutters replaced.

Gutter repair and installation

1. Sagging Gutters

You should never see gutters sagging or pulling away from your home. This could mean that they are full of water due to not draining properly or being full of debris. Chances are, gutters that are sagging are no longer doing their job of protecting your home. FloGutters can either repair your gutters or replace them if you begin to notice this phenomenon.

2. Cracks or Holes 

If small cracks or holes are not repaired immediately, then they can quickly grow and cause more damage. You may not even notice the cracks until they are beyond repair. Don’t risk the damage to your roof and foundation caused by letting the cracked gutters remain.

3. Damaged or Peeling Paint 

Peeling paint can indicate that your gutters are really old or that they are in the beginning stages of rust. Since gutters are made to withstand season after season of weather and temperature extremes, then they are probably reaching the end of their life once the paint starts to peel. This means your gutters are no longer protected, and therefore won’t be able to protect your home much longer.

4. Pools or Puddles of Water 

If you start to notice puddles of water around your home that you haven’t noticed before, then your gutters probably need your attention. They may be clogged or have cracks, but either way, they are not functioning properly and need to be checked. If you check them and they aren’t clogged, then they probably have cracks and need to be replaced.

5. Water Marks or Mildew

If there are water marks running down your home, then you might have unseen cracks in your gutters. Cracks can be hard to see, and sometimes you only notice them by the evidence of water marks they leave behind. Or, perhaps you didn’t notice the water marks before they resulted in mildew on the side of your house or near the foundation. Be sure and check your gutters if you spot any mildew.

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