Are Seamless Gutters Easier to Manage Than Sectional Gutters?

Besides our jobs and families, countless other things command our time to maintain the status quo. Perhaps you are like most other homeowners, trying to find strategic ways to lighten your home maintenance workload. Sometimes that means identifying one item at a time and replacing it with something newer and better, something that doesn’t require as much of your time and attention. FloGutters LLC helps homeowners in one small way by installing custom seamless gutters, which are much easier to manage than traditional sectional gutters.

Custom Seamless Gutters

Why Seamless Gutters?

Sure, custom seamless gutters may cost a little more upfront than sectional gutters, but they will pay you back in dividends! Rather than sections that need to be connected together, seamless gutters are manufactured from one long continuous piece of aluminum. Because of the way they are made, they are virtually leak-resistant and help protect your home from several costly repairs. Seamless gutters require little maintenance and can last over 20 years.

Why Not Sectional Gutters?

Sectional gutters may save you a few dollars and seem innocent enough at first, but over time, you will learn you get what you pay for. The joints are more prone to leaks that can lead to water damage under your roofline or to your basement, foundation, or slab. Since they are pieced together into sections, their joints must be re-sealed every few years to prevent the leaking they are known for. Additionally, their joints can trap debris that must be periodically cleaned to avoid clogs.

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