The Role Gutters Play in Protecting Your Roof and Foundation

Gutters may look like they add decorative trim to the edge of your roof, but they actually serve a crucial role in protecting your home. Gutters will help prevent all types of water damage, which can destroy your roof, siding, and foundation. FloGutters LLC, is proud to make homes better with gutters, and we specialize in custom gutter installation and cleaning and repair services. Let’s review how custom seamless gutters protect your home’s roof and foundation.

Custom Gutter Installation

How Do Gutters Protect Your Roof?

Gutters will prevent water from pooling on the surface of your roof and becoming trapped underneath your shingles. This would eventually cause your roofing materials to deteriorate and could shorten the roof’s expected lifespan. FloGutters LLC can install a leaf guard on your gutters to help prevent them from clogging, improving your gutter system’s efficiency. Let our experts install custom gutters or repair the ones you have to protect your roof from water damage.

How Do Gutters Protect Your Foundation?

Simply put, gutters will direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Without gutters, the rainwater would be free to flow down the side of your house and potentially damage your siding on its way to the foundation. Water that accumulates around the perimeter of your house could damage the foundation, cause flooding in your basement, lead to soil erosion, or even wash away your landscaping elements. Our gutter installations are custom-tailored to your home and performed on-site with specialized tools.

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